Barbaros Season 2 Episode 36 In English & Urdu Subtitles

Barbaros seasons 2 Episode 36 In English &  Urdu Subtitles

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Barbaros Hayreddin Synopsis:

The leader of the christian world of the time the pope cautioned his armies with the following do not fight against barbarossa for he will never leave the place he arrives at without conquering it Istanbul had already been conquered Mehmed.

the conqueror had closed an era and opened a new one the ottoman empire had demonstrated its power on land and set its sights on the seas the goal the mediterranean and there’s only one man who can achieve it someone even more famous than Suleiman the magnificent a pirate who knows five languages you heard that right a turkish pirate jesus race also known as the captain of the seas the conqueror of the seas Hayreddin Barbarossa it might surprise you that i said he was a pirate

we’ll talk about that in a minute first let’s take a look at his family because this is where his story begins his older brother master Urach had learned seafaring and maritime commerce during his early years with his courage intelligence and entrepreneurship skills he had come to own a ship during this period Spain was putting a lot of pressure on Muslims the Barbarossa brothers soon started to engage in battles against the Spanish’s after a short period of time they took Algeria oruci reiss wasn’t just a seafarer anymore but also the ruler of Algeria

however this only lasted a year because after a year Spain together with the original inhabitants of Algeria launched an attack Jesse Reyes’s brothers ishaq and arut Reyes fell during the battle the story had come to an end for ishaq and oratores but some ends are the beginnings of new stories having taken heavy losses his erase had a plan despite the intense battle..

they managed to keep Algeria and now he was the ruler to demonstrate his allegiance to Yavuz sultan Saleem he coined currency and held sermons after Friday prayer in his name sultan Saleem gave Barbarossa governorship of Algeria and placed him under the protection of the empire because of his service to the ottoman empire.

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The Story Of The Most Famous Ottoman captain Hayreddin Barbaros:

He earned the name hyrudeen meaning favorable of the religion so how did his erase come to be called Barbarossa the name Barbarossa actually belonged to his older brother roach bay because of his red beard he was named Barbarossa meaning red beard in Italian.. Kurulus Osman Season 4 Latest Updates

however after his brother’s death the name passed to his erase and thus he became known as Barbarossa deen was Barbarossa hired deen really a pirate did his erase used to be a bad person no contrary to popular belief Turkish Muslim pirates were not like the pillaging and looting sea bandits that we know of they were the sea raiders that are the equivalent of the land raiders..

they used to track the enemy ships at sea hit the shores of the Christiaan nations that were attacking the Muslims and neutralized their fleets Barbarossa deen was a brave and knowledgeable commander because he spent his life at sea he spoke many Mediterranean languages such as Greek arabic Spanish’s Italian and french very well he blew through the Mediterranean like a storm conquering new lands and collecting treasures.

meanwhile the ottoman empire had demonstrated its power on land to everyone by conquering huge lands and its next goal was to reach the Mediterranean the ottomans wanted to continue its conquests also at the sea against Europe’s largest and strongest nation Spain Barbarossa was invited to Istanbul by Suleiman the magnificent Selim..

the conqueror’s successor because Barbarossa knew the seas extensively and had fought against the spains for many years and knew them very well the news of the Barbarossa’s entering under the protection of the ottomans worried Europe especially the king of Spain. due to his constant struggle against the Christians’ Barbarossa knew the Mediterranean like the back of his hand..

Barbaros Hayreddin Season 2 Episode 36 In Urdu

the pope addressed the armies do not fight against Barbarossa for he will never leave the place he arrives at without conquering it you must understand this if a place has been decided to be taken by him those who fight against him will not go to heaven this is why the tide turned when sultan Suleiman joined the forces with Barbarossa during that era Barbarossa was more famous than Suleiman the magnificent when Barbarossa arrived in Istanbul and presented himself to the sultan he was appointed as the fleet admiral of the ottoman empire the captain of the seas.

he was given the honor of being the first ottoman captain when Barbarossa was appointed as admiral there was another legend alive during this same era peri Reyes the governor of the seas and the man who drew the first world map that’s right pedires was also alive during that time and joined many successful naval expeditions with the Barbarossa brothers the book he left behind the book of Berea has been an important work of art that were left to the world naval history and used by almost every captain of that time Barbarossa later set sail into the Mediterranean with the ottoman fleet….Alp Arsalan Season 2 Episode 1 Release Date & Cast Updates

Barbarossa was established the largest maritime battle in Turkish history which would change the global balance of power and be recorded in world history was about to begin all preparations were made for the naval battle of Preveza the crusader fleet had started gathering in Corfu and then surrounded the fort of privetsa located at the north entrance of the ambrosian gulf upon receiving the news Barbarossa sent a vanguard fleet of 20 ships commanded by Turgot race Turgot encountered 40 ships from the enemy fleet in the waters of zenta and sent word to Barbarossa the next day…

according to some sources there were around 600 ships with 60000 men on board waiting off the coast of Preveza Barbarossa on the other hand had 122 ships and 2000 men he had to come up with an extraordinary plan despite the crushing odds the ottoman fleet was one-third of the enemy fleet but for the believers 60 000 was just a number because they believed in the verse how many times has a small force vanquished a mighty army by the will of Allah

and Allah is with those who are steadfast al-Baqarah 249 didn’t our prophet Muhimmad peace be upon him win many battles despite having smaller numbers knowing this very well and following the footsteps of our prophet peace be upon him Barbarossa was acting cautiously and patiently and now he had to make a difficult decision defend or counter attack he prayed until the morning light o Allah make Islam powerful against the disbelievers grant Islam a mighty aid he soon fell asleep and had a dream.

Barbarossa Hayreddin Season 2 Episode 33 with English & Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa recalls the dream like this there were small fish in the sea some of the fish had split bellies and then i was handed a piece of paper then i unfolded it and started to read on a piece of white paper with green lettering was written upon reading it i rub the paper into my face and eyes and woke up reciting praise be to you Allah Barbarossa had understood the message in his dream the words on the paper were a verse in the verse..

the almighty commanded the help of god and a close victory give glad tidings to the believers [Music] due to the interpretation of his dream that he thanked allah for he immediately decided to leave the gulf he planned to unpredictably sail across the gulf an attack off le panto he took advantage of the heedlessness of the world and met the enemy ships attacking first not expecting a surprise and brave attack from the ottoman fleet…


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